Hello my friends across the world!

‘Sexually inappropriate behaviour.’

This is how I describe what others call sexual abuse.

My reasoning is this. I know the power of language on the mind.

This makes me very fussy about my language.

Expletives are fine by me to express ourselves when needs be.

Words that deny me my value have no place.

Abuse smacks of victimhood.

‘Victim’ smacks of victimhood.

Victimhood speaks of powerlessness.

Powerlessness keeps us caught, trapped and stuck.

Victimhood does not serve us.

Time to let go of victimhood.

We may have been powerless then.

Not now. It’s time to speak up.

It’s time for the old order to change.

It’s safe to come out of hiding.

Take the first next step.

Speak up.

You are Amazing.
You are Courageous.
You are Powerful.
You are loved.

Speak up.

Your Freedom is My Promise

Much love and Peace always

Deirdre x

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