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Onto today’s topic - Unveiling the Truth Within Ourselves


Affirmation of the week.. ?

"I let go of those untrue stories I tell myself. By facing my own truth, I make room for real beliefs and discover my true, highest potential."


Do you know that most of the time the stories we tell ourselves in our minds aren't true?


They're like made-up tales filled with self-doubt and wrong ideas about who we are. These thoughts can hold us back and stop us from growing. It's important to question these stories, challenge the lies we tell ourselves, and see our abilities in a more honest way. By doing this, we can open the door to personal growth and discover our true potential.


4 dangerous lies you might tell yourself (that are silently holding you back!)


  1. The lie of "I'll be happy when..." We all know this one right?!

It's easy to convince yourself your happiness is contingent on an external milestone

→ you get more money

→ you get that promotion

→ you get that new car, house (fill in the blank)

You get stuck in "when, then" traps.

It's a vicious cycle and dangerous game to play. AND, what often happens is you get X and still feel unfulfilled.

Reframe: "I choose happiness in the present moment."

(it’s okay to want something, but make sure your happiness does not depend on it!)


  1. The lie of "I don't have time for [X]..."

Stop blaming time. We all make time for the things we really care about.

The notion of "I don't have time for X" is often a deceptive excuse we tell ourselves to avoid engaging in activities that truly matter. In reality, we allocate time based on our priorities, and it's more accurate to say, "X is not a priority for me right now." Acknowledging this reframes the narrative, prompting us to reassess our commitments and recognise the importance of making time for things that contribute positively to our well-being and growth.

By challenging the excuse of time constraints, we empower ourselves to align our schedules with our genuine priorities.


Reframe: "I don't have time for X in my schedule today, so if X is important to me, I will re-look at my current priorities."



  1. The lie of "I'm not capable of [X]..."

Self defeating language is always a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you tell yourself you're not capable of something, you won't be.

The belief that "I'm not capable of X" is a self-limiting perspective that often underestimates one's abilities. In reality, capabilities can be developed and expanded through learning and experience.

Reframe: "I may not be proficient in X yet, but I can learn and grow."



  1. "I'm waiting for the perfect moment to do [X]..."

There's no such thing. The idea of waiting for the ‘perfect moment’ to do anything can be a subtle form of procrastination, often hindering progress. In reality, there might never be an ideal time, and waiting for perfection can lead to missed opportunities. Rather than delaying, consider embracing the present and taking incremental steps towards your goal. Understand that progress is often messy, and learning occurs through experience. By letting go of the notion of a perfect moment, you empower yourself to start the journey, make adjustments along the way, and discover that the process itself can be more rewarding than waiting for an elusive perfection.

Reframe: "Every moment is the perfect moment to start, embrace the imperfections, and grow along the way."


Challenge the stories you tell yourself this week.

Our thoughts can sometimes trick us with self-doubt and misleading tales.

Peel away those layers, question the lies, and embrace a more honest view of your abilities.

By doing so, you open the door to personal growth and unlock your true potential. Let authenticity guide your thoughts, and watch how it transforms your week.


“A belief system is nothing more than a thought you’ve thought, over and over again”

Wayne W Dyer