How are you?


Maybe you are in full flow of 2023, on track with your goals for the year and making huge progress? ?


Maybe you are feeling a little flat, struggling to keep up that ‘New year, New me’ motivation and need some guidance on your journey? ?


Let’s see what we can do !


As the saying goes..

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago.. The second best time is NOW!”


In order to know exactly what we want, and how to move forward to actually achieve the life we desire – we have to start where we are right now.


Before we look at our future, it is crucial to look at where we are currently.

And this is where the Snapshot Circle comes in.


Like its name implies, this tool is a great way to help you take stock and consider how satisfied you are with the different areas of your life at the moment. This exercise is designed to bring your awareness to every aspect of your life. This will help you to create and maintain balance. We are beginning to set your internal G.P.S./sat nav so you can create your life by design not default.

When working with a client I will say this, imagine we are planning to go for a drive today. Full of excitement we jump into the car – and then we look at one another. ‘Where do you want go?’ I say, to which the client replies ‘I don’t know!’ Well then, we can’t leave the drive! But if I say Dublin or Belfast and the client makes the decision for Dublin – then it’s easy! We know to turn left out of the drive, right at the top of the road, left at the junction. Then we head to Newry, then Dundalk and it’s all good! We may even meet some sheep on the way (it IS Ireland after all! – sheep representing obstacles) but we don’t mind because we know where we’re going! It’s the same for our internal life G.P.S. /sat nav.

When we know where we are going and what we want our lives to look like, then the drifting has stopped, the decision fatigue ends, the stress declines and we are setting ourselves up for success.

This is just the beginning but it’s a great place to start !


Click the link below to listen back on last week’s U105 discussion which explains The Snapshot Circle and how to use it, there is also a FREE downloadable template for your own personal use to copy or print.




I highly recommend this powerful tool to track and ultimately achieve those goals !


I will be on the U105 Radio this morning after the 11am news to discuss this same topic in more detail – I'd absolutely love if you could tune in !


Have a great week !