In times of tragedy, hope can be found even amidst the darkest of days. Despite the challenges we face, stories of resilience and courage emerge, reminding us of the human spirit's strength.


You know that feeling when you are struggling with a particular situation, and you see someone overcoming something similar – that little flicker is called HOPE. From the ongoing global crises to our own personal struggles, finding hope becomes a guiding light through the shadows.


In exploring this topic for the week, we witness the transformative power of hope to bring solace and renewal, even in our darkest moments.


Almost immediately springing from the stories of tragedy, we begin to hear of miraculous moments of kindness, compassion, empathy and evidence of the resiliency of the human spirit. In one moment, the world unites and with one gentle, generous hand, reaches out to touch those who have been hurt by devastation.


Kindness is demonstrated by people worldwide who see catastrophe and whose hearts are touched and then act in kindness. We hear of people fundraising, gifting food or clothing, attending rallies or depending on the circumstances, travelling to the troubled spot or person to help.


The strength of the human spirit is demonstrated in a profound way when viewed through tragedy.


I am amazed when I hear the stories of human triumph born out of tragedy—amazing stories of the will to survive and the will to help others survive. We as one person cannot change the entire world, but we can certainly give the world our best. We can be inspired by the acts of kindness born out of these circumstances that bond the human race together, show the strength of the human spirit and give hope of better things to come. Although we are never glad when tragedy visits, we can be aware and seize the opportunity to do good in this world.



Affirmation of the week.. ?

"Through my toughest times, I hold onto that flicker of hope, lighting the way to better days."



Here are 3 questions that may help you to find that glimmer of hope if you are struggling at this time;

(Grab your journal / a pen and paper!)


  1. Reflect on your current emotions and write down how you're feeling. Explore the reasons behind these emotions and any patterns or triggers you may notice.


  1. You have faced challenges before – How did you overcome them? How did you navigate through those difficult times, and what strengths or resources did you draw upon? Maybe you spoke to a professional, maybe you took some time off or asked someone to help you out.


  1. Write down some things you are grateful for right at this moment, no matter how small. Your health, your partner, your dog, your friends, your home, your beautiful eyes. Take some time to really feel that gratitude. This can be hard to do when you are really challenged, but I promise it helps.


  1. Visualise a future where you've overcome your current struggles and are thriving. Write about the person you want to become and the life you’d envision for yourself.



If you’d like further support, as always – please don’t hesitate to reach out.