The final week of January !


Are you in full flow with the New year's resolutions?

Maybe you’ve had a week or two in peak motivation and now it’s dwindling?

Or perhaps you’re just easing your way through this period of winter and embracing some downtime.


Over the last few weeks we have discussed setting our goals for the year, so for those of you who are struggling with motivation and starting to procrastinate – this one's for you !


Procrastination – the eternal struggle that feels all too familiar. It's that sneaky companion that hangs around when there's work to be done, convincing us that tomorrow is a much better day to start. We've all been there, staring at a to-do list, fully aware of what needs to be accomplished, yet finding ourselves inexplicably drawn to the allure of delaying the inevitable.


It's not just about putting off tasks; it's a nuanced dance between what we need to do and the comfort of what we'd rather be doing – the familiar pull of instant gratification over delayed effort.


You have a looming deadline on a task, but suddenly cleaning out the fridge or organising your sock drawer becomes an oddly appealing proposition? We've all been there ! We nod knowingly when a friend confesses to putting something off, recognising that we're all navigating the same struggle. It's a universal language of understanding – the art of postponing today's tasks for an illusory better time tomorrow.


Relatable right ?!


Believe it or not – you weren’t born a procrastinator. You didn’t procrastinate learning how to walk, talk or tie your shoelaces. You simply got on with it without all the inner chaos.


With procrastination you’re not avoiding the action, but the feeling.

By getting to the root of the procrastination, we can see what we are actually avoiding;

  • The fear of making a mistake/wrong decision?
  • Fear of judgement/rejection?
  • Fear of disappointing yourself or someone else?
  • Fear of it not being perfect?


Four questions to ask yourself when procrastinating;


  1. What is procrastination trying to protect you from?

Making a ‘mistake?’ The rejection? Maybe there’s a financial risk? There are no bad parts, every part of you, including procrastination, has a purpose. Try to use curiosity over judgement.



  1. What will completing this task take you closer to?

Zoom out. Look at the bigger picture. What do you want your life to look like? Connect with the reasons behind your goal. Understand the benefits and positive outcomes associated with completing the task. Whether it's personal growth, an advancement in your career, or improved well-being, take a look at what it is you really want.



  1. What’s the easiest first step you can take?

Not the whole staircase – just the first step ! This has to be something quick, easy and straight forward to get the ball rolling. E.g. Make a quick plan, look up X online, contact someone who can help you or offer advice, ask someone to hold you accountable, put on your runners, set the timer on your phone, create a checklist.


  1. How will you feel AFTER the task is completed?

Really connect with that satisfaction and plan a nice reward for when you’ve finished. This will energise you to get you started.



Goal: Lose a stone by easter

First step: Instead of indulging in your usual xl bar of chocolate, opt for a smaller portion or a snack that has less added sugar. This initial shift in your snack choice helps reduce overall calorie intake, supporting your weight loss journey but still satisfying that craving.


Goal: Change career

First step: Take the initial step towards your career change goal by researching and identifying which specific industry or role aligns with your interests and skills. Begin by exploring online resources, job platforms, or attending networking events to gain insights into potential career paths.


Remember, action begets action. The way to land a bigger project or achieve your desired outcome is to start small and start now! Once you begin to make progress, the momentum will keep growing—and you will achieve more and procrastinate less.


“Procrastination is like a Credit Card – It's a lot of fun until you get the bill!”

Christopher Parker