Good morning my friends,
Happy Monday! 
I hope your week is off to a great start, and if not, I hope this can help in some way!
I had something minor trigger me last week which compelled me to write this post.
Something happens, someone said something or done something that's triggered you.. you know that feeling right?!
We ALL do !
Trigger = Fear
When we are triggered, we are re-experiencing a past event in present time.
Triggers vary widely from person to person and can be internal or external. 
An internal trigger comes from within the person. It can be a memory, a physical sensation, or an emotion.
External triggers come from the person's environment. They can be a person, place, or a specific situation. 
For example, a person living with trauma may be triggered by:
  • A movie, television show, or the news.
  • A person connected to the experience.
  • Arguing with a friend, spouse, or partner.
  • Certain sounds/locations that remind them of the experience.
  • Significant dates such as holidays or anniversaries.
A trigger can cause an emotional reaction before a person realizes why they have become upset.
Often, triggers have a strong sensory connection (a sight, sound, taste, or smell) or are linked in some way to a deeply ingrained habit. 
For example, a person recovering from alcohol use disorder might associate a particular activity with drinking.
Learning to cope with triggers you can't anticipate or avoid requires emotional processing, which is most often aided by therapy.
The following are a few effective, healthy coping strategies for lessening the impact of triggers:
  • Calling on your social support
  • Deep breathing
  • Exercising
  • Journalling 
  • Mindfulness meditation
With a healthy self-esteem and intact boundaries, we’re able to see that triggers such as another person’s actions and point-of-view are not a reflection on us, but express his or her unique perspective, experience, needs, and feelings.
Ask yourself;
What is this teaching me about myself?
how can I look at this differently?
True healing requires recognising your triggers + learning to move through the pain + the pattern, then responding in a way that serves you best.
Triggers are your teachers, let what triggers you, show you what needs healing.
I hope this has helped you in some way today !
If you feel you need further support on your journey, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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