5 Hours To Freedom Packages

Thank You for Your Journey of Self-Care
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for taking the courageous step to reach out tome and embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being.
I have two packages the Diamond package and the Essential package. Both are made up of 5 hour 1-1 sessions. The 5 hours are divided up into one 2 hour session and 3 * I hour sessions spread across 4 weeks.

I am in Newcastle, County Down, so if it is an option to work in person, we can do that. I also work via Zoom for long distance clients.
5 hours to Freedom 30-day Diamond Package
The investment for this would be £995. This includes the 5 hours of sessions (over 30 days) along with 24 hour access to me, some audios, a journal workbook, support resources, a signed copy of my book, my 21-day meditation program, daily support and one month free membership to my online private Freedom community.
5 hours to Freedom 30 day Essential package
The Essential package option comprises the same 1-1 sessions (5 hours in total over 30 days) along with a weekly follow up call, and an audio. The investment here is £595.