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Today’s topic on U105 is about the importance of human connection and what my plans are to connect further in 2023 – tune in to U105 Radio at 11.10am if you’d like to hear more ! ?


Connection is a crucial aspect of our mental health and wellbeing. In times of trouble we are inclined to withdraw and isolate ourselves from others. It can be the beginning of shutdown and this is why it is so important to address this area.


Social connection can help boost your mood and manage your emotions.


Through the years, we’ve thrived as a species by connecting with others. Whether we were hunting for meat or gathering berries — we did it together in social groups.


It’s this human connection that has advanced our world from gathering and hunting for our food to shopping for it in the local supermarket.


But with the rise of digital interactions, we’ve also seen an increase in loneliness.


Meetings and social gatherings are now quite often done virtually. We celebrate the events in our lives with a heart or thumbs-up emoji.


Although it can feel counterintuitive, reaching out to others and making a conscious decision to connect maintains our sense of belonging in the world. 


What does connection look like in your life? This applies to your primary relationship. Are you in one or avoiding one? How connected physically, sexually, spiritually and emotionally are you? (family, friends, co-workers, community...)


Ask yourself the question, how am I actively connecting with others in my life on a daily basis?


? Benefits to social connection can include;


  • Mental health boost - Social connections can offer a number of mental health benefits, such as boosting mood, reducing stress, and improving self-esteem.


  • Longer life span - A study conducted in 2018 by scientists from University College London suggests that total social isolation can increase the chances of premature death by upto 50%, and those who were lonely were more vulnerable to viruses and diseased as a result of a lowered immune system.


  • Increased fulfillment - When we connect with friends, family or our partners - whether that’s through a quick phone call or on a nature hike, we can go through a multitude of emotions. We’re either laughing, crying, or venting. When we express these emotions, our brain releases dopamine and endorphins — the “feel good” neurotransmitters responsible for happiness and a positive mood.


Remember that not everyone has to connect socially in the same way. If you’re more introverted, hanging out with a group of people may not be your thing.

Try to find a way to connect that fits you and your unique lifestyle.


You could begin by reaching out to an old friend, or consider volunteering at a nonprofit organization near you. Helping others is a rewarding way to build friendships and connect with others. Join a local group - like a book club or hiking group, that meets regularly. Routine interaction is a great way to get comfortable with socializing and getting to know others.




The MOST important relationship is the one you have with yourself !

It is the most important one you’ll ever have, because it’s the one you’ll always have !


It is the FOUNDATION upon which all other relationships are built.


Be kind to yourself first, be your own best friend first, and all other relationships will flourish as a result.


If I can help you further in anyway, as always don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a great week !