Today I want to discuss the importance of our daily practices.

I want to share a simple yet powerful reminder: “We get better at what we practice.”


The purpose of this reminder is to get away from the idea of being naturally ‘good’ or ‘bad’ at a given skillset and instead see the skill as being something we have practiced a lot or something we have little practice in.


Consider the example of pull-ups at the gym. Whether you struggle with them or find them effortless, it’s not a testament to innate abilities but rather a reflection of your practice. This mindset has profound implications for personal and professional growth, challenging us to view our skills as dynamic and improvable.


An example in the professional world may be to become a better communicator. Whether it’s speaking in public or writing, practice refines our skills. Picture a colleague who used to struggle with presentations but, with practice, turned into a confident speaker.


Here are 3 practical steps to help you:


Step 1. Identify Areas for Improvement:

Reflect on aspects of your life where you want to see positive changes. If it’s effective communication, pinpoint specific situations like meetings or presentations where you can enhance your skills.


Step 2. Cultivate Daily Micro-Practices:

Break down your improvement goals into small, manageable tasks. For instance, if you’re working on time management, start by allocating focused blocks of time for different tasks each day. Consistent daily micro-practices add up over time.


Step 3. Regular Reflection and Adaptation:

Periodically assess your progress. If you’re aiming to cultivate a more positive mindset, reflect on your reactions to challenges. A good time to journal ! Adjust your approach based on what resonates positively, reinforcing the behaviours you want to cultivate.


In embracing the philosophy that ‘we become what we practice,’ let’s collectively foster a culture of intentional growth and continuous improvement.


Each small step we take today shapes the success we aspire to tomorrow.


Like I say;


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now!”


Here’s to purposeful practice and the transformative journey ahead !