Hello my friends, Happy Monday !


I'm excited to kick off another week by sending you a dose of inspiration and motivation. My goal is simple: to fill your inbox with valuable thoughts, updates, and the positive energy you need to conquer the week ahead. Your feedback and thoughts mean a lot to me, so don't hesitate to reply !


Today I want to discuss something that has come up for a client this week, and something I thought many of you may relate to.


You will hear me talking often on the importance of cultivating healthy habits or daily practices, but today I want to talk specifically to those who feel they really struggle to squeeze in some me-time.


Maybe you are a single parent, maybe one parent works away, maybe you are a full-time carer to a vulnerable child or adult. For those navigating the challenges of a demanding schedule, cultivating healthy habits becomes an exercise in practicality and adaptability.


Recognising that not everyone has the luxury of a quiet hour each morning, it's crucial to embrace micro-habits that can seamlessly integrate into the chaos of a bustling household.


In the whirlwind of a hectic life, time management takes center stage.

Instead of striving for perfection, focus on efficiency.



Affirmation of the week.. ?

"I prioritise efficient time management, nurturing my physical, mental and emotional needs"


Taking care of ourselves first is not a selfish act but a fundamental necessity for providing meaningful care to others.

Imagine our well-being as a wellspring, and when we invest time and energy in self-care, we replenish that source. This self-nurturing allows us to operate from a place of abundance rather than depletion.

When we prioritise our physical, mental, and emotional needs, we enhance our capacity to support and uplift those around us.


It's akin to putting on our oxygen mask before assisting others during a flight emergency.


By ensuring our own well-being, we become better equipped to offer genuine care and support to others. This approach establishes a sustainable and compassionate cycle where self-care forms the foundation for more profound and meaningful connections with the people we cherish.


Here are 3 practical steps that may help you;


  1. Embrace Micro-habits for your morning: Instead of aspiring to dedicate a full hour to yourself in every morning, adopt micro-habits that can seamlessly fit into your busy schedule. Begin your day with ten minutes of meditation or stretching exercises. These small rituals serve as powerful anchors, providing a brief but impactful moment of self-care amid the hustle of a demanding life.


  1. Efficient Time Management: Acknowledge the significance of time management efficiency in supporting your overall well-being. Seize short breaks throughout the day to prioritise self-care. Whether it's simply staying hydrated, incorporating a brief walk/workout or a 5 minute meditation when waiting on the kids getting out of school - utilise these moments to foster a sense of


  1. Prepare For Wellness: When you eat well, you truly feel good from the inside out. Spending half an hour on meal prepping after the children go to bed may seem less enticing than lounging with a glass of wine or a bar of chocolate. However, investing in this preparation is a gift to your 'tomorrow self,' allowing for a smoother and more relaxed day. By maximising each available minute, you can integrate healthy habits into your hectic schedule, nurturing both your physical and mental health. Busy mum? Simplify meal preparation by involving your family and making it a shared experience. Allocate specific roles to each family member, making the process not only quicker but also a bonding activity. Emphasise nutritious choices that are easy to prepare. This approach not only ensures that meals are health-conscious but also eases the burden on the primary caregiver. By streamlining the daily routines and involving your family in the process, you create a supportive environment where everyone can thrive.



If you feel like you need more support on this – please don’t hesitate to reach out.

I hope this helps you in some way today !


"You cannot share light from an unlit candle; you cannot give what you do not have. Nourish your own flame first, and watch it illuminate the paths of others."