As you know, this work is my full-time career, my business, my passion and my life’s purpose. I absolutely LOVE what I do and I am so incredibly honoured and privileged to have been able to share this work with thousands of people over the last 25 years, through various different methods. I am so grateful and blessed to also get paid to do something that I have so much passion for.


As the passion lies in helping others, I also thoroughly enjoy being able to give back where I can. Giving back to others, to the community, to the world. The likes of these weekly emails I will take just as an example, I enjoy spending time sharing some of my work, maybe giving a few tips or bits of information that may help you as you go about your week, with nothing expected in return. It serves and benefits you as the receiver, and it also serves me too ! See below !


This leads me on to our topic of the week – Contribution.


The importance of giving back to society can’t be understated. When you give back, you’re able to better the lives of the people around you – your loved ones, the people in your community or the lives of people somewhere else in the world. And finding meaning by giving back to the community doesn’t just benefit others – it benefits you too !


Improves Mental Health - Research has shown that contribution increases happiness and decreases depression and other psychological distress. Why? The science of happiness.

When we do something for nothing in return, the brain rewards us with “happy chemicals” that make us feel good in both the short- and long-term.


Transforms your perspective - There’s no better way to adopt an attitude of gratitude than by asking yourself how to give back to the community. Helping others can make you realize just how much you truly have to be grateful for.


Fulfills your deepest human needs - As human beings, we innately realize the importance of giving back to society, because it fulfills our deepest human needs. Growth is one of those needs. Volunteering also fulfills our needs for contribution and significance, making us feel needed, unique and helpful.


The beauty of giving back to the community is that giving back is its own gift. Putting the following strategies into action will connect you more deeply with yourself and with those around you.



What is it in life that drives you? Finding answers to this question forms the backbone of giving back to society. Are you inspired by making lots of money at your job? Do you enjoy being recognized for your accomplishments? That’s a good start, but think deeper. Why do you enjoy making money? Is it so you can provide for your family and feel secure? Perhaps you love being recognized for your achievements because it makes you feel like you’re making the most of your time or you enjoy giving back to your industry in some way. There’s always a greater purpose that drives your actions.



One of the first ways to contribute to your local community for example, is to do a little research. Examine what is lacking. Perhaps you have discovered that there is a shortage of play areas in the local community or there is just too much litter in certain areas. Think outside the box and use your creative skills to think of causes that need extra money raised and ways in which you can do it.



Why aren’t you already giving back? Is it because you feel that you don’t have the time or money to do so? It’s not about a lack of resources, it’s about a lack of resourcefulness.

Many people wait to give back, but the truth is, no matter what resources you have, you can start today. And the truth is, even if you have very little, if you’re not giving back to the community now, you won’t if you become wildly successful.

Contribution is a mindset that enables us to devote part of our lives to helping others.

it’s not about how much you have. Start by helping an elderly lady to put her shopping into the car at the local supermarket. This is contributing to society and will take a few minutes of your day... and I can guarantee that you’ll also feel great for doing so !


Contribution is a very important ingredient to our spiritual needs. It can be defined as a sense of service and focus on helping, giving to and supporting others. Contribution along with growth are strongly linked to personal fulfillment.


When our attempts to reach fulfillment fail, we can often settle for comfort—or for meeting our needs on a small scale. Playing small robs us personally of fulfillment and as well the community of your gifts.

For a life filled with meaning, fulfillment is a driving force we need to experience.


We are all one humanity, one tribe here on planet earth, and together we can make it a better place !

I hope this helps or inspires you today.

Have a great week !