We all want to be healthy, happy and live the life of our dreams, right?!


But here’s something most people may not fully understand..

There is a direct correlation between our self-image and the goals that we set.


You see, our self-image is a foundation upon which we build our personality. It sets the boundaries for every area of our life and establishes a pattern of behaviour, and we do not deviate from that pattern.

And no matter how hard we may try, we cannot outperform the image we’ve created in our minds.

That’s why many people don’t go for big, life-changing goals. Instead, they set “reasonable” goals that fit comfortably within the image they hold of themselves.


The better news is if you’re serious about making significant changes to create a life you’ve previously only dreamed of, you CAN do it.

However, it will require you to change your mental image of yourself.

Remember this: You always think, feel, and, most importantly, create results that align with how you see yourself.


Now, here’s the best news…

Your self-image is an idea. And you can change that idea anytime you choose !!!


Let’s take a look to see what your current self-image is.


It’s an inside job.

To figure out what your self-image is, all you have to do is examine each area of your life.

What results are you getting in your relationships, health, income and work? What is your personal and professional appearance? How clean and orderly are the inside and outside of your house? You may be thinking ‘Deirdre, what does my house have to do with this?!’ but these are all outer expressions of the inner image you hold of yourself. ( of course within reason and with room for being human! )


Now, you can attempt to make significant changes to things outside yourself (such as multiplying your income or purchasing a fancy car) without changing what’s going on inside. But that approach will not result in lasting fulfillment.

To re-make your life, you must build a new self-image. It will take some effort, but everything outside will begin to change as soon as you start to alter the image.



Affirmation of the week.. ?

"When I shift my perspective, the world transforms before my eyes, revealing new possibilities and opportunities."



If you’d like to achieve a life-changing goal, you can’t attract it by wishing for it or just sending out good vibes. You’ll have to act—do some things differently, and then the universe will react to your actions.


However, before you can do something significantly different, you must first be it.


To be the change you want to see, you must start seeing and thinking of yourself differently.


Here are 4 steps you can take right away to start altering your self-image and improving your life:


  1. Visualise: Take the time right now to start building the image in your mind of the person you want to become, the wonderful things you’d like to be, do, and have. Allow yourself to completely relax so you can feel what you want down to your cells.


  1. Write It Down: Write a description of your new image, including how you’re going to feel. Read it every day, several times, until the image fills your consciousness. Add pictures if you can. The more you can see and feel as you look at this, the better. You want to get emotional about your new idea. It should excite and inspire you !


  1. Make a Comparison: When you’ve got your description just the way you want it, take a good look at it, and compare it to how you’re living now.


  1. Choose One Thing to Change: Once you’ve made this comparison, you’ll see the changes you need to make. Even if you could make dozens of changes, begin by making one change at a time. An excellent place to start is with your appearance.

You want to present yourself physically in a way that is consistent with the new image you are developing. Something as simple as how you dress, walk, and project yourself sends a powerful message to your subconscious mind. When we look good, we feel good !


Every time you see yourself as a failure or lacking somehow, shift your focus to the new you.


Discipline yourself to do this exercise. It’s your life.

Make it a phenomenal experience ! I’m excited for you !


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"It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not!"