Hello friends,


I was at a Women in business event last week and we had a lot of discussion about overwhelm and the demands that are placed on all of us as humans to be a good partner, a good friend, a good parent, keep the house tidy, look after the kids, build a career, do the laundry, eat nutritious food, meditate, go the gym – the list can be ENDLESS ?

Does this sound familiar?! I bet so!


Between work, family and personal commitments, life can sometimes leave you feeling like you constantly have a massive to-do list and not much time for anything else.


Feeling overwhelmed often starts when we have a big event in our future. Planning a wedding, preparing for an event at work, helping the kids apply to college or other big changes make us feel like there’s no room for anything else.

Feeling overwhelmed can also be the result of a buildup of small things: Maybe your partner is working a lot, but you need more help around the house. Or changes at work have left you with more responsibilities.


Feeling overwhelmed can create a cycle of negativity: You get overwhelmed when you are not managing your state. You feel stressed and anxious, which makes small things feel bigger than they are. This causes you to feel even more overwhelmed, and the cycle continues.


We all know that person who seems to always have their life together. They probably don’t have fewer responsibilities than you. It’s more likely they have better stress management and know how to manage their time.


Rather than feeling overwhelmed, they prioritize, delegate and achieve – and the GOOD NEWS... 

these are skills you can learn !



Everyone is familiar with feeling overwhelmed – but some of us deal with it better than others.

Here are some strategies many successful people use to take back control of their emotions.



How many times have you thought, “Why do I feel overwhelmed?” in the past month? The past week? If feeling overwhelmed is a constant struggle and you can’t put your finger on its cause, you may need to examine your limiting beliefs. We all develop beliefs about ourselves and the world around us based on our personal experiences. Are you a perfectionist? Do you care too much about what others think? Letting go of beliefs like these can help you banish anxiety and overwhelmed feelings for good.



Sometimes we can’t say no. Sometimes we need to get things done. When you have a lot on your plate and you’re wondering how to deal with feeling overwhelmed, the first step is to focus on your outcome. Your outcome is your ultimate goal. Maybe you’re planning an event that you want to go off without any issues. Maybe you’re building a business to gain financial freedom. Focus on the result you want, then determine how you can get there through practical solutions.



Sometimes we have so much to do that we end up doing nothing! Sound familiar?!

Once you’ve determined your end goal, work backwards to determine your priorities. What comes first and what can wait? First lay out your vision, then make plans for the next day, week and month (and so on), creating a laser-focused map for your life. It’s a way of thinking that can transform your life when you’re feeling overwhelmed.



“I feel overwhelmed” contains one key word: I. You’re not in it alone. By leveraging your network or support system, you can turn the “I” into “we” and stop feeling overwhelmed. This could mean delegating tasks at work, outsourcing tasks at home to professional help or even asking your partner to do the dishes or your parents to lift the kids from school. Worried about appearances? Asking for help shows resourcefulness and confidence, two key traits of great leaders.



Perfectionism can come from fear: If what we’re doing isn’t perfect, it’s wrong. It’s a failure – and therefore we are a failure. Competitive people are also often perfectionists. They feel like they can “beat” everyone else by being perfect. But if you’re spending too long on tasks that only have a marginal benefit for you, it’s time to be done.



When we are overwhelmed it is so easy for our own self-care practices to take a backseat because they aren’t deemed a priority among the long list of ‘to-dos’ right now, when in actual fact taking good care of yourself and your mind is the absolute key to staying calm and focused whilst seeing to the tasks at hand. Whether it’s taking 10 minutes a day meditating, going for a quick walk in nature or even just getting a shower and giving yourself a mini facial. Spending even just 10 minutes in the day clearing your mind can calm your thoughts, relax your body & sharpen your focus, helping you think clearly and make better decisions.


I hope this has helped you today!

Deirdre x